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Beverage Buddies Sandstone Coasters are crafted from genuine sandstone boulders.  Beverage Buddies are a natural product; the composition of the sandstone has not been altered in any way.  The stone is core drilled with a large-format drill press and then sliced into coasters with diamond saw blades.  Beverage Buddies Sandstone Coasters are produced by Dan’s Whetstone Company, Inc.

Because Beverage Buddies are a produced from a natural source, not molded or formed, each coaster will have its own distinction in appearance including shade of sand color and natural markings as designed by Mother Nature.  The natural markings or patterns contained in the coasters are mostly caused by iron and clays that are dispersed through the stone during its formation.  Natural markings or patterns may include speckles, lines, swirls, iron inclusions, iron “ferns” and spots.  Because of these natural occurrences, Dan’s cannot guarantee marking or pattern free coasters in any quantity.

While we do have a variety of shades of sandstone, all Beverage Buddies will be sand colored (nearly beige to dark tan). Orders will be filled with a variety of shades of sand, however, all attempts will be taken to ensure sets of four are closely matched and entire orders are completed within a close range of color variation.  Light sand (nearly beige) sandstone is more rare among our available resources, therefore our quantities of lighter coasters are limited.  A medium tone has been most satisfactory to a majority of customers.

At your request and cost, Dan’s will produce speculative samples.  At this time, you may receive a variety of shades of sandstone colors to indicate the range you may expect to complete your order.  Dan’s will attempt to use stone closest to your preference to complete your order, however, some shade variations should be expected due to availability of stone shades.

Beverage Buddies Sandstone Coasters are also naturally absorbent.  Sandstone is a porous stone that allows liquid to seep into the pores of the stone.  The natural properties within the sandstone, like clay, actually absorb the liquid.  This ability to absorb liquid makes Beverage Buddies the most functional coaster you will ever own or sell … A coaster that really works.

It is your responsibility to discuss the natural aspects of Beverage Buddies Sandstone Coasters with your client so that they fully understand the concept of a natural product.

Beverage Buddies Natural Sandstone Coasters

We will do our best to use the stone you like however, our product is supplied to us by Mother Nature therefore we may not have a certain coaster in stock.  Dan’s Whetstone Company will do its best to match the closest stone we have in stock with your preference.

We also cannot guarantee in any quantity coasters that do not have any markings.

Category A
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stoneA1.jpg (33922 bytes) stoneA2.jpg (40999 bytes) stoneA3.jpg (49192 bytes) stoneA4.jpg (41518 bytes) stoneA5.jpg (40462 bytes)

Stone A1

Stone A2

Stone A3

Stone A4

Stone A5

Category B
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stoneB1.jpg (40169 bytes) stoneB2.jpg (37990 bytes) stoneB3.jpg (39389 bytes) stoneB4.jpg (46557 bytes) stoneB5.jpg (40472 bytes)

Stone B1

Stone B2

Stone B3

Stone B4

Stone B5

Category C
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stoneC1.jpg (34399 bytes) stoneC2.jpg (29817 bytes) stoneC3.jpg (36280 bytes) stoneC4.jpg (45095 bytes) stoneC5.jpg (49717 bytes)

Stone C1

Stone C2

Stone C3

Stone C4


Our coasters have been grouped into three categories according to the intensity of color and pattern as designated by codes A, B. & C in the table above.  When placing an order you my use our coding to help clarify the type of stone your customer would like. 

Please use the stone code after the coaster code.
For Example:
100 BB1-B2
250 BB4-A5