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Novaculite is found of commercial quality in the Ouachita Mountain Range which runs east and west through Southwestern Arkansas and Southeastern Oklahoma. These Novaculite deposits are centralized around the city of Hot Springs, Arkansas, hence the reference Arkansas Novaculite. The Ouachita Mountains are an ancient mountain range, older than the Appalachian Mountains, and the only mountain range that run east/west in North America.

Truth about Flint Napping

Beware of myths and urban legends. More than one Novaculite quarry exists today. More than one company mines, sorts, and sells Novaculite fit for flint knapping. No piece of Novaculite is exactly the same as another – even of the same grade.

The extra fine grade of Novaculite is used for flint knapping. Its extra fine grit and exceptional fracturing or flaking abilities make it highly sought after material. The Indians of the region crafted their stone tools and weapons from Novaculite and used it to barter with other Indians around North America. How else does a Novaculite arrowhead show up in Ohio? Either by barter, travel or capture.

Translucent to gray are considered common colors. Black, pink, red, and spider web patterns, or mixtures thereof, are uncommon and make up a small percentage of available material. All our knapping material will work equally well, regardless of color.

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